[vdr] MSI MS-6215

Rainer Zocholl UseNet-Posting-Nospam-74308- at zocki.toppoint.de
Sat Apr 2 05:16:00 CEST 2005

xzzyx at hotmail.com 23.03.05 20:29

>Looking at the archives I noticed a few people have (or had!) a MSI
>MS-6215. I'm curious as to whether you have found the performance
>adequate (I have a 1 GHz PIII) and noise level satisfactory.

Upto the last hot summer i had a Celeron 1GHz in such a box.

Maybe i reduced the fan speed too much, but that summer (2004)
the CPU died. (or the heat conductive was not good)
That that time a new coppermine CPU was hard to get and should cost
almost 100 Euro! Newer, faster but cheaper CPU did not fit
into teh V1.0 board, and needed a lot more power.

OTH i found that the case is too small to be silently ventitlated.
So i decided to buy a cheap asockboard+AMDduron and underclock it.

The powerdispation was disappointing high: 70W(!) or ober 100W (@ nom.freq
and 4 FF-DVB-S boards)
The MSI had 40W IIRC.
That makes per years approx 50 Euro energy costs!
(So the 99 Euro for the "low power" CPU would have been OK)

(Stupid: the 1GHZzis not really required, and i have a 700MHz
Celeron in my office PC, already swapped once to check what's better.
I assume the 700MHz would still live :-( )

>How can noise be reduced? (I am not very hardwarily inclined) 

Forget it.
If you want a nice and silent box buy a CURRENT bare bone.

>Is it possible somehow to soft-off the machine and wake it up at a
>pre-determined time with linvdr or another package - the BIOS appears
>to support.

Yes, no problem.

>I noticed that a few people have removed their floppy drives. Is this
>due to heat problems with mounting a HD in the intended position above
>the CPU? 

Why should i waste energy and money for the floppy which i NEVER need,
as long as i can boot of CD?

Too you can't use 2 full size cards and the intended HD carrier.
Simply place the HDD into the floppy frame.
I think that's the main reason.

>If there is no problem can anyone suggest where I can obtain
>the HD bracket since I got my barebones machine without one.

>Has anyone tried making the power supply external to minimise heat?

No. the 90W power supply was suffiecient for the 40W power
consumption. I wired the supply fan for 7V, but added
further 40mm fans to cool the  2 Full Feature cards.
The box got warm, but not hot.
But maybe the CPU ran too hot or the heat compaund was not good
(i could only find clear oily film above the CPU dye (and some smoke) 
and the white where all outside.)

The video out is crap!
It's not usable to watch TV nor to configure the BIOS.

>Finally, does anyone have any good ideas to minimise dust entry to the
>machine other than putting the machine inside a cabinet.

Stop smoking!

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