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nhuillard at e-dition.fr(Nicolas Huillard)  23.03.05 13:03

>jori.hamalainen at teliasonera.com a écrit :
>>>The heat sources are the processor, the HDD and the DVB card
>>>(more if it is a full-featured one). The noise sources are
>>>the power supply (because this is the only one to the air out
>>>of the case) and the heatsink on th processor.
>> HDD is also a noise source. Proper rubber blocks can eliminate
>> the noise conducted to the pc case and to your ear.

>You're right, but I tend to now take HDD as near-silent, specially
>Seagate ones. There are two sources of noise : rotation + head
>movements. Seagates have both really low. Maxtor ahev low
>rotational-noise, but high head-movement noises, which are transmitted
>to the case.
>Rubber blocks are a good idea. I also suspended HDD with textile
>rubber bands. Take care of the heat in this case.

I use Samsung SV1604V 1600GB | 5400 rpm, 
available at reichelt.de at a very interessting price.
(Many stupid resellers had stoppped selling 5400rpm disk
because of the majority of their stupid customers are only asking
for "big numbers".)

Samsung claims that SP1604N has lower power requirement than
the SV1604V and has same extremly low noise (you have to
place your ear on the drive to hear it rotating! (at least me have to ;-)))

Have not yet seen a broken Samsung.
My oldest seems to become louder as time goes by, but not problem 
according to "smart". Maybe it was almays so "laod" ?

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