[vdr] Request: Change Dolby Digital handling

Sebastian sebastian_ml at gmx.net
Sun Apr 3 22:31:24 CEST 2005

Hello Klaus!

I use 1.3.23 and have a little request. Could you please change the
Dolby Digital handling in a way that you can choose to use Dolby Digital
during playback and for recordings seperately?
An example: I use the analog out on my DVB card, so whenever DD is
played directly through J2 I hear nothing. So now I can hit VDR's
settings and set 'Use Dolby Digital' to 'no'. Now I have sound over
analog. But when I start a recording of a program which offers DD VDR
doesn't record the DD stream. But I'd definately go with DD when
prepping the recording for a DVD. Of course I could switch  'Use Dolby
Digital' on everytime I'm about to record but that's not quite handy.
I know for normal VDR playback this isn't much of an issue because all
the channels available send an mpg audiostream and VDR defaults to that
stream on playback so I have analog output even while 'Use Dolby
Digital' is set to 'on'. But the DVD plugin also uses the 'Use Dolby
Digital' option. And there're often DVDs that only contain DD tracks so
that I'm left with no audio signal while  'Use Dolby Digital' is set to
That's why I'd like to have two settings for DD; one for playback, the
other for recordings.
What do you think of this?



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