[vdr] Re: ANNOUNCE: patches for graphlcd-0.1.2-pre5 freetype2 runtime rendering + complete romanian i18n

Lucian Muresan lucianm at users.sourceforge.net
Sun Apr 3 23:30:47 CEST 2005

Andreas Regel wrote:
> No problems with that. I've already added this functions to my code 
> base, some with modifications, especially in LoadFT (see below). I don't 
> know if it is really necessary to have a fixed width parameter, because 
> the rendering methods in cBitmap already support this. What do you think?

You mean the bool prop(ortional) in cBitmap::DrawText, right? I guess 
you're right, I did a quick test today in my LCDproc driver and it works 
that way, too.

>> - I noticed a problem which I can't track down, the space character is 
>> way too narrow when rendered directly from freetype. I tried to 
>> compensate for this in cFont::LoadFT(...) but it doesn't seem to help, 
>> either I have a bug there, or I don't know, there are more things I did 
>> not fully understand in the plugin code, in display.c
> I've changed the font loading to the way it's done in genfont. The main 
> difference is that I use advance.x as the width of the character, so 
> font spacing is already covered by that. The bitmap that freetype2 
> generates is only as width as the active pixels of the character, so 
> bitmap.width is zero for the space character.

Ok, I'm looking forward to see it, as I currently have very few time for 
  trying this myself. I'll wait for your next prerelease ;-).

>> - Do you already have an idea when you'll be ready to release the 
>> library in a more "official" manner? BTW, the graphlcd-base package I 
>> downloaded right after your last announce, contained itself one more 
>> time in the root directory, an also genfont object and binary (maybe due 
>> to HAVE_FREETYPE2 setting the 'make clean' invoked by 'make dist' 
>> ignored it, maybe you ran "make dist" twice, now the file is more than 
>> double sized as it should.
> In the next prerelease of the package the libraries will be in a 
> relatively stable state. This will also be the latest prerelease of the 
> 0.1.2 version if there are no big problems.



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