[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] vdradmin-0.97-am3.0

Andreas Mair Andreas.Mair at linogate.com
Mon Apr 4 13:06:22 CEST 2005


I've just released VDRAdmin-0.97-am3.0 at http://andreas.vdr-developer.org.

HISTORY 0.97-am3.0
- Reworked updating of channels and EPG from VDR.
- Fixed displaying of repeating timers.
- Fixed Makefile to set "$SEARCH_FILES_IN_SYSTEM = 1" on install.
- Added Spanish i18n (Submitted by Rüdiger Jung)
- Updated French i18n (Submitted by "Trois Six",  "map" and "lobotomise")
- Fixed some buttons to work with long translations.
- Extracted text from templates and moved them to i18n.pl file and moved the i18n.pl files to new folders i18n/$language, resulting in a single template with two skins (bilder & copper). Makes translations and template modification a lot more easier.

Included patches submitted by Ville Skyttä:
- vdradmin-01-req-zlib.patch: Make Compress::Zlib really optional.
- vdradmin-02-defaultconfig.patch: Use preset values from %CONFIG as defaults in --config.
- vdradmin-03-errstr.patch: Fix error string output.
- vdradmin-04-spelling.patch: Various trivial spelling and phrasing improvements.
- vdradmin-05-askconf.patch: Allow unattended "vdradmind.pl --config < /dev/null".
- vdradmin-08-writeconfig.patch: Always write config using WriteConfig().
- vdradmin-10-exitcodes.patch: Don't exit with status code 0 if something's wrong.

Have fun,

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