[vdr] event-id in epg.data

Matthias Schniedermeyer ms at citd.de
Mon Apr 4 16:53:26 CEST 2005


Currently i'm thinking about (finally) implementing a function in Master-Timer to watch for changes in the epg.data and modify/delete/add it's timers accordingly.

But first i need a way to "bind" a specific timer to it's epg-entry.
As it seem there is a "event-id" in the epg.data which could/should be usable for this.

As it seems i could do the following with the event-id:
- Data changes(*) for a given event-id can be (if applicable like time/duration) mirrored to the timer
- When a event-id "vanishes" the timer can also be deleted(*4)

As i haven't observed the event-ids in the past (until recently i considered the event-id as "junk"-data i don't need) i don't know how "good(tm)" this data is or how good the tv-station fill out this data.

Has anyone already used the event-id and can tell me if i'm guessing correctly?
(I intend to use the event-id as THE linchpin(Dreh- und Angelpunkt) for the epg-data-handling in Master-Timer)

- A change in time/duration/title/subtitle/... can be mirrored to the timer(*2) and/or
- It can be checked if the entry still matches (a/the) torecord-entry and be deleted if it doesn't match anymore.
   e.x. this should be the case when the originally scheduled show is switch with a totally different one for which no torecord-entry matches.

But i guess with a change in time a new/changed event-id is more likely, but that wouldn't be a problem because the original timer would be deleted and a new one programmed instead.

It also wouldn't be a problem if a show is "inserted" somewhere between and all entries following after would be renumbered (seen *4)

When a specific show/event would get a "randomly" new event-id(*4), the old timer would be deleted, but a new timer one would be programmed too.
So in worst-case Master-Timer should/would reprogram affected timers if the event-id is "missused" by tv-stations.

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