[vdr] scanning frequencies for analogtv

Helmut Kodritsch hekoheko at drei.at
Tue Apr 5 14:19:46 CEST 2005


scantv is a console applicatione and in his dependencies "ldd scantv" I
a have not seen libX..... needed, but it is compiled int the main xawtv
makefile and so i don't know if the compiling process will fail before
compiling scantv. I have a full distro in my environment.
I used xawtv 3.94 for my job.
Next week if you haven't solved yet  i can do a try to help you in
compiling scantv in your environment, and to write a simple script to
generate a  valid channels.conf

regards Angelo

at least i found a scantv deb package. 
But how can i tell scantv to scan all frequencies and not only those ones who are in the different lists. (e.g. France, Italy .... )

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