[vdr] Can't install e-tobi.net debian packages?

Thomas Günther tom1 at toms-cafe.de
Wed Apr 6 20:23:11 CEST 2005

Darren Salt wrote:
>>Why do you set CXXFLAGS in debian/rules? Is there a problem with
>>optimization -O2?
> I've noticed problems with that and gdb: variables' contents have been
> misreported. (Whether this is still the case, I've not checked.)

Okay. I use the CXXFLAGS from upstream.

> This kind of thing should be more fine-grained in $PLUGIN/Makefile, IMO.

Do you know vdrdbg-buildpackage in ctvdr's vdr package and the vdr-dbg 

@Markku Tavasti

I uploaded the vdrdevel-plugin-subtitles package to 
sarge/experimental/multipatch. Would you please test it?

Could you please tell me where is a channel with dvb subtitles on Astra 
or Hotbird? So I could test it myself.


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