[vdr] xine-plugin: 'no signal'

Borghart borghart at gmx.de
Thu Apr 7 13:58:46 CEST 2005

I want to use vdr with the xine plugin on my terratec cinergy t^2. When 
i start vdr and xine, i can see vdr's osd in the xine-window - but there 
always is the 'no signal' message in the background.
the logfile looks like:

vdr[2994]: VDR version 1.2.6 started
vdr[2994]: loading plugin: ./PLUGINS/lib/libvdr-xine.so.1.2.6
vdr[2994]: loading /video/setup.conf
vdr[2994]: loading /video/sources.conf
vdr[2994]: loading /video/channels.conf
vdr[2994]: loading /video/remote.conf
vdr[2994]: found 1 video device
vdr[2994]: initializing plugin: xine (0.7.2): Software based playback 
using xine
vdr[2994]: setting primary device to 2
vdr[2994]: SVDRP listening on port 2001
vdr[2994]: starting plugin: xine
vdr[2994]: switching to channel 6

what do i have to do to watch a tv-channel?
regards, borghart

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