[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] tvm2vdr-0.4.7

Friedhelm Buescher vdr at 4t.to
Thu Apr 7 17:07:02 CEST 2005


I've just released tvm2vdr-0.4.7 at


(tvi) = TVInfo Import
(tvk) = TVInfo Merkzettel Import
(tvm) = TVMovie Import
(hoe) = Hoerzu Import
(inf) = Infosat Import

v0.4.7  - macfly       - 07.04.2005
	- (inf) changed channel-id for hse24
	- (hoe) added support for the "free" version. To use it, simply
		leave the PIN empty. The "free" version contains EPG for
	- (all) imagesize and imagetype are now configurable ($imagetype and
	- (tvm) multiple images for one event are downloaded now. The first
		image is $epgevent (i.e. 445323.png) the other are $epgevent_$i
		(i.e. 445323_1.png, 445323_2.png)
	- (tvk) Genre/Category can now be switched off ($tviwantfolder)

v0.4.6  - macfly       - 31.03.2005
	- (hoe)	new interface for official hoerzu-epg (epgdata.com)
		you need a pin for this. please ask for a pin at
		contact at epgdata.com. Right now, the test stage is running,
		pins are free of charge.
	- (hoe) you want images? Set $writeimages to 1, verify the imagepath
		and use a skin with imagesupport.
	- (tvm)	Images? just set $writeimages to 1, verify imagepath and 		use a 
skin with imagesupport.

this tool import EPG from tvmovie (online),hoerzu (online),tvinfo (online) 
and infosat (offline). tvmovie and hoerzu are providing Images which can be 
displayed with a image-enabled skin (for example elchi-plugin-skin)

The EPG from hoerzu is in a test stage. you need a PIN for this. ask 
contact at epgdata.com for a PIN. This PIN is your personal one, don't give it 

Please have a look at

and vote for the following questions:
- what channels do you want?
- what amount of EPG do you need (only title and time, +content, +cast,
  +backgroundinfo, +picture ..)
- what is the maximum price for this you are willing to pay?
- in what country do you use VDR?
- in what language do you want your EPG?

thanks and have fun,

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