[vdr] VDR restart when recording a scrambled program

Ondrej Wisniewski ondrej.wisniewski at ericsson.com
Fri Apr 8 07:50:26 CEST 2005

It's been a while that I have noticed a strange behaviour and I am
wondering if there is a workaround for this.

In Italy there are some channels which are actually "free to air" but
for some reason certain transmissions are scrambled. When switching to
such a channel while the transmission is scrambled the screen becomes
black and the "channel not available" message is displayed. So far so good.

However if I program a timer for a program which is scrambled (it's
usually not possible to know beforehand which transmission is scambled
and which is not), VDR restarts when trying to record the program. After
the restart the timer is still active and another restart is performed
and so on.

Why does VDR behave like this ? If the program cannot be recorded why
does VDR restart ? Is this a driver problem ?

I would expect that the recording stops and the timer is deleted.
Can someone explain this and maybe propose a solution ?

I am using VDR 1.3.17.

Thanks, Ondrej

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