[vdr] 'Fake' FTA channels impossible to tune

Udo Richter udo_richter at gmx.de
Sun Apr 10 02:23:14 CEST 2005

Carsten Koch wrote:
> Every time VDR does an EPG scan, it reads from the channel it just
> switched to. If there are no data within a few seconds, it increments
> a number in the channel entry, if there are data, it clears this
> number. If the number exceeds a configurable threshold, the
> channel entry is deleted.
> Before adding new channels to channels.conf, VDR switches to the
> channel and reads from it. If there are no data within a few seconds,
> it does not add it.

I thought of a lot of similar concepts.
It is difficult to decide whether a channel is 'alive' or not. For most
channels its enough to track the channel announcements. If the channel
wasn't announced for a long time, the channel is most likely gone, esp.
if it was introduced by a channel scan. You can watch this by tweaking
the channel name and wait for the original name to return.

Some channels however don't send channel announcements. These channels
wont be visible, except when tuned to. An example is this one:
Not seen in a single transponder scan for 4 months. But you can tune to
it, its even FTA.

One reliable way to detect whether an encrypted channel sends data is
the femon plugin. At least for me, femon shows the video data rate even
for channels I cant see.

One nice enhancement would be if VDR would track the date a channel was
last seen on EPG scan. Unfortunately, there seems to be no way to do
this from within a plugin.

Once again, this wont track existence of PID traffic. And I'm not even
sure whether its possible to get a list of all active PID's on a
transponder without tuning to each one.



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