[vdr] UPT-experience (vanishing..)

Manuel Hartl icecep at gmx.net
Tue Apr 12 08:10:33 CEST 2005


i just wanted to share some experiences with the "unknown picture type"-restarting error.

i exchanged my board/cpu 2 months ago:

asus a7n8x2.0 deluxe
athlon-xp 2500+
gentoo (-march=k7)

asus a8v deluxe
athlon-64 3000+ (winchester)
gcc-3.4.x (because of the -march=k8 switch, which does not exist in gcc-3.3.x)
(32-bit gentoo, i had a 64bit system for 3 days and changed because of just tosvcd and a 
second private project)
gentoo (-march=k8)

the UPT vanished! vdr is rock stable (in fact a little bit TOO stable, because vdradmind 
was restarted together with vdr. now vdradmind has enough time to crash silently and stops 
handling my autostart timers...)

the rest of the system stayed the same (based on gentoo/vdr-1.2.6), so either

gcc 3.3.x -> 3.4.x
Board/CPU change or
a newer kernel

stopped my UPT-errors.


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