[vdr] Bug: VDR shuts down while recording - SVDRP related

Joerg Knitter joerg.knitter at gmx.de
Tue Apr 12 11:31:22 CEST 2005


on sunday, I have found a weird behaviour that I never had before and 
which seems to be a bug concerning SVDRP.

Every sunday, nvram wakes up my VDR for recording "Lindenstraße" and 
turns it off automatically after the recording - as long as I don´t 
press any key on the remote.

The same situation was this sunday: The "Lindenstraße" recording started 
short before 18:50. While the recording was running (and I did NOT touch 
the VDR), I added another timer for a broadcast starting at 19:00 
("Unser Charly") with VDRAdmin (-> SVDRP). This recording also started 
Few minutes later, I stopped the recording of "Lindenstraße", because we 
could watch it live, and deleted the recording with VDRAdmin. The 
recording of "Unser Charly" was still running.
Then, I changed the end time of the timer of "Unser Charly" with 
VDRAdmin while it was recording. After doing this, the VDR immediately 
shut down instead of continuing recording the broadcast until the 
changed end time.

Don´t know the code but if on a timer change the timer is first deleted 
and then set again, it might be clear why VDR thought that it can shut 
down - as long as no key has been pressed.

With kind regards


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