[vdr] Bug: VDR shuts down while recording - SVDRP related

Udo Richter udo_richter at gmx.de
Wed Apr 13 02:46:09 CEST 2005

Joerg Knitter wrote:
> This is the complete log - sorry for this big post. I hope you can see
> anything in it. Look at 'timer 18' - it is simply stopped, but I think
> the log does not clearly say what has been modified, just that the timer
> has been modified:

These are imho the important lines of the log file:

18:40:00 timer 3 (1 1840-1935 'Lindenstraße') start
18:57:05 timer 18 (15 1858-1950 'Unser Charly') added
18:58:00 timer 18 (15 1858-1950 'Unser Charly') start
18:58:34 connect from, port 32776 - accepted
18:58:34 timer 18 (15 1858-1948 'Unser Charly') modified (active)
18:58:34 timer 18 (15 1858-1948 'Unser Charly') stop
18:58:34 closing SVDRP connection
18:59:09 timer 3 (1 1840-1935 'Lindenstraße') modified (inactive)
18:59:09 timer 3 (1 1840-1935 'Lindenstraße') stop

Timer 18 started at 18:57 as planned, and at 18:58:34, a local SVDRP
connect modified the timer again, setting the end time from 1950 to
1948. Since VDR stopped the timer and did not restart it again, it may
be set to a later starting date, otherwise VDR would have re-started it
The final shutdown happened at 19:04, 5 minutes after the last timer

I've tried to reproduce this on my machine, but my totally outdated
vdradmin cannot handle one-day timers in the new VDR 1.3.23 format and
picks a wrong day-of-month when reading the timer via SVDRP. This kills
the timer when saved via vdradmin just like yours above. Maybe thats
what happened to your timer too?



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