[vdr] ProSiebenSat1 HDTV, aynone?

Manuel Hartl icecep at gmx.net
Wed Apr 13 12:56:00 CEST 2005

> But asked again: Some claim, it definately can´t be recorded, then there 
> is a document about a modification for the 1.x cards to make them able 
> to record it. This modification was said to be the already done on V2.x 
> cards (Nexus).
> Additionally, I have seen somebody last year receiving a HDTV channel 
> using a FF card and ProgDVB (Win) with a software decoder.
> So, what is the "real" situation with FF cards and HDTV?
i recorded a movie with a FF 1.3. at least parts of the movie a correct 
(i assume the whole movie..i did not watch the whole recording, as my 
system is a little bit to slow to enjoy the movie)

playback on vdr / FF 1.3 crashes as you said.


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