[vdr] ProSiebenSat1 HDTV, aynone?

Weinberger, Andreas (EBV) Andreas.Weinberger at ebv.com
Thu Apr 14 07:54:36 CEST 2005


> I do not know how hard it might be to actually replay
> such a stream properly on a FF card, but why should it
> be impossible to record the stream with a FF card?

i think the limitation is the av7111; the chip simply
cannot handle 20mbit datastream. since the tuner data outputs
are not directly connected to the saa video bridge (like the
budget patch does) there wont be a chance recording hdtv (mpeg2)
with a ff card. 

> And why does it have to crash?

vdr and the av7111 dont know that the signal is a hdtv stream.
therfore they want to process it, since vdr was designed to do
this ;)

wait for the "new" streamingboxes (em8550 based) or new "dxr6"
card (em8620 based), then it would be possible to "live-view"
hdtv within vdr with a budget card - or design a hdtv ff card
based on the trimedia pnx1500 chip :)

-- randy

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