[vdr] ProSiebenSat1 HDTV, aynone?

Joerg Knitter joerg.knitter at gmx.de
Thu Apr 14 10:21:25 CEST 2005

Carsten Koch wrote:
> Joerg Knitter wrote:
> ...
>> How should this work? This would require the HDTV signal to be 
>> downscaled to 720x576 and reencoded to MPEG1 or MPEG2 with 16:9 flag.
> I do not know how hard it might be to actually replay
> such a stream properly on a FF card, but why should it
> be impossible to record the stream with a FF card?
> And why does it have to crash?

I thought you spoke about replaying. Recording must be possible (and 
some agreed to this), but playing back can´t be possible for sure unless 
you really downscale it.

Streaming boxes with certain Sigma chips etc. are great, but streamdev 
is in heavy development (at least I hope so regarding to all those 
patches to get it run) and unfortunately does not support UPnP - because 
this combined with real-time transcoding (like Nero Digital Home does 
this on Windows) would be a really great solution.


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