[vdr] ProSiebenSat1 HDTV, aynone?

Weinberger, Andreas (EBV) Andreas.Weinberger at ebv.com
Thu Apr 14 10:30:57 CEST 2005

hi luca, ml,

> I doubt they will release them for their new!(tm) and improved!(tm) one.

well, perhabs it is not needed by sigma itself :) the em8550 boxes are
available and running with openshowcenter for example, and the new dxr6
cards should be available in 2-3 weeks (over a german distri), 165eur per
card; gtc allwell (http://www.allwell.tv - howto - scroll to bottom)
has the full linux driver package with samples on theire ftp server. look
after "MRUA".

additional, a new design is currently be done by a few developers based on
the upcoming st stv7100 platform, keyfeatures like 3 tuners (3 ts inputs,
which could also be one dvb-t, one dvb-s and one analogue input), hdtv 1080i
picture-in-picture, sata, hdmi output and so on. first meetings with the vendor
maked clear that they are very open about linux and after the demo of vdr on
a activy300, they were really impressed. 

keywords: "pearl box", "auvision", "neuston mc500", "em8621l PCI", "die box II";
should be enough to find the (german) thread on vdr-portal.de

-- randy

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