[vdr] New Version SVDRP-Patch for Control plugins

Hardy Flor HFlor at web.de
Fri Apr 15 19:33:58 CEST 2005


a new version of the svdrp-patch is available at

new svdrp-commands:

- LSTP [ <number> | <name> ]
      List (loaded) plugins. Without option, all plugins are listed.
      Otherwise the name, version and the numbers of commands for the
      given plugin are listed.

- PLAY STOP | <number> [ BEGIN | <position> ]
      Play the recording with the given number. Before a recording can
      played, an LSTR command must have been executed in order to
      the recording numbers.
      The keyword 'STOP' is for stop a replaying.
      For <position> use hh:mm:ss[.ff] or framenumber.

- PLUG <name> | <number> [ HELP ] <cmd> [ <option> ]
      This command allow the access to the plugins
      With HELP a list for allowed commands is displayed
      Use 'HELP cmd' for detail infos for the 'cmd'
      Note: not all plugins are enabled for access from SVDRP.

- STRP <name> | <number>
      Start the MainMenuAction for the plugin with <number> or <name>,
      for a list all plugins use the LSTP command.

control the plugin with the new methods:

  virtual bool ParseSVDRP(cSVDRP *SVDRP, const char *Cmd, const char
  virtual const char **SVDRPHelpPages(void);


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