[vdr] dxr3 glitches - buffer problem?

Prakash Punnoor prakashp at arcor.de
Sat Apr 16 21:40:25 CEST 2005


I am using vdr 1.3.23 with dxr3-0.2.3-cvs20050323. Furthermore my machine is
diskless, ie I run via nfs root. There are two problems I am experiencing:

1) On channel switches first pc and sound plays ok, then usually the pic/sound
seems to stop for a brief time and come back resyncing. This happens once or
twice just after ch switch, then everything is ok. (I also experienced this
with vdr-1.3.6 and dxr3-0.2.2)

2) Since this newer setup runs much more stable I tried timeshifting as well.
Here I have the same problem as in 1), but it happens in between which is very
annoying, esp as with higer probability I loose a/v sync to a slight degree.
Just recording and just watching the recording is no problem though. I have a
100mbit connection and it shouldn't be a problem to handle this. Most of the
time timeshifting is ok, just a few times above problem happens.

So my idea was to try to increase some buffer, if poossible. I know that
filling a bigger buffer will make channel switching slower, but I'd be happy
if switching would be smooth... Furthermore if timeshifting goes smooth, I'd
be even more happy.

So, could anybody give me a pointer where to look in the source files?

I should note, I am using pretty low-end hardware: AMD K6-2 at 500MHz with
crappy Via MVP3 chipset. The chipset is know to do lousy busmastering, so this
could be a trouble maker as well. But as I wrote above, I'd first try to make
buffers bigger. I once used a Athlon with KT133 Chipset and still had Problem
1), so this wouldn't be entirely hw related. I never tried timeshifting then

Prakash Punnoor
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