[vdr] OT: Nvidia display for vdr/mplayer/xine/fvwm2 ?

Markus Wiesner list-vdr at subscription.wiesner-net.de
Sun Apr 17 04:22:12 CEST 2005

Grégoire Favre schrieb:
>On Sat, Apr 16, 2005 at 04:35:20PM +0200, Sascha Volkenandt wrote:
>> If you configure two separate Displays (e.g. two Device and Screen sections) 
>> instead of TwinView, you can launch different apps explicitly to one Display 
>> only. That's the way I do it.
>Problem with this is I can't use XvMC on my DVI output, which make an
>hudge difference with HDTV (XvMC only works on first screen AFAIK and I
>didn't manage having my DVI being the first one).

Some time ago i read a trick that gave another screen than the first one
the "Video Overlay" (which seems to be required for XvMC):

You have to swap the screen number in the "Device" section, i.e. set
"Screen 1" in "nvidia0" and "Screen 0" in "nvidia1".

Maybe you have to remove the screen ids from your server layout
after that ('Screen "screen0"' instead of 'Screen 0 "screen0"').

The order of the screens in the ServerLayout stays the same (so VGA will
still be :0.0), but now DVI should have the overlay and thus work with
XvMC. :-)

Works for me with a GeForce 4 Go and the internal TFT + tv out.

You can test it with:

| greywolf at matrix:~$ xvinfo | grep -A1 screen
| screen #0
|   Adaptor #0: "NV17 Video Texture"
| --
| screen #1
|   Adaptor #0: "NV17 Video Overlay"

Markus Wiesner
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