[vdr] dxr3 glitches - buffer problem?

James Lamont tuuw at tuuw.homes.com.au
Sun Apr 17 09:29:21 CEST 2005

>I should note, I am using pretty low-end hardware: AMD K6-2 at 500MHz with
>crappy Via MVP3 chipset. The chipset is know to do lousy busmastering, so this
>could be a trouble maker as well. But as I wrote above, I'd first try to make
>buffers bigger. I once used a Athlon with KT133 Chipset and still had Problem
>1), so this wouldn't be entirely hw related. I never tried timeshifting then
I spent countless hours trying to get VDR running with a DXR3 on a 
mainboard with an MVP3 chipset. The problem I had was more or less 
exactly as you described but worse.

Watching live TV was fine but any hard disk or network activity caused 
glitches, both in the recording and on the live display.

I tried all sorts of things to fix it, increased buffer sizes, upgraded 
drivers, messed with PCI latency settings, changed network cards, 
overclocked the CPU, etc etc.  Nothing seemed to help much. It just 
seemed to be a PCI bandwidth problem and there was nothing I could do 
about it.

Eventually I gave up and switched to a mainboard with a BX chipset. All 
the problems went away (until I added a second dvb card, but thats 
another story)

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