[vdr] Improving DXR3 OSD

Luca Olivetti luca at ventoso.org
Mon Apr 18 19:48:55 CEST 2005

Rantanen Teemu wrote:
> I've been thinking about the following idea for few weeks now. I'm not
> sure if it's possible to implement, but it's interesting thought though.
> The idea is: is there an OSD frame buffer somewhere inside the DXR3, and
> would it be possible to write OSD data directly into it (without
> constructing dvd-compatible "osd-stream", which is the cause of all
> problems as far as I can see).
> I really don't know if this is technically possible at all, but I saw at
> some page (which I cannot find anymore) a program, which wrote pictures
> (=video) directly into DXR3 frame buffer (i.e. decoded video outside of
> DXR3 and wrote rgb or yu12 (or whatever format was required) directly
> into the frame buffer inside DXR3).

I don't actively follow the dxr3 driver development, but from what I 
read on the mailing list archives, what you're saying is the holy grail 
and nobody knows how to do it. If you can find the program *with* source 
  it would be a very good thing.


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