[vdr] problem vdr-xine-0.7.3 plugin

Jouni Karvo jouni.karvo at tkk.fi
Mon Apr 18 20:12:41 CEST 2005


Reinhard Nissl writes:
 > To come back to your problem: when you read about demuxing you'll find 
 > that there is a typical delta between audio and video of up to 700 ms 
 > which corresponds to 63000 pts. So I thought the default WRAP_THRESHOLD 
 > of 120000 pts would be ok to not trigger any false discontinuities. As 
 > you wrote below, a larger value seems to fix your problem. Would you 
 > please be so kind and try 150000 (= 5/3 seconds) and if this doesn't 
 > solve the issue 180000 (= 2 seconds). As this value typically serves for 
 > detecting a PTS wrap, it would also be ok to choose a really larger 
 > value up to 2^31.

I have now tried with 200000.  This runs pretty well, there is approx
one pause of sound approx one second every 3-4 hours.  (VDR recovers
and image is not affected).

With 150000, it still runs.  Now the approx one second pause seems to
happen once every 15-60min.  (and recovery is also working)

So, it seems that there is some probability distribution of these
deltas, and increasing WRAP_THRESHOLD reduces the probability that the
delta is too large.

Is there any upper limit of the possible delta values (less than this

Is there any harm to have a really large value?  If not, then I guess
it would be good to have a large value so as to make the problem
probability small.


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