[vdr] Can't install e-tobi.net debian packages?

Markku Tavasti tavasti at iki.fi
Mon Apr 18 20:16:31 CEST 2005

Thomas Günther <tom1 at toms-cafe.de> writes:

> @Markku Tavasti
> I uploaded the vdrdevel-plugin-subtitles package to
> sarge/experimental/multipatch. Would you please test it?

Sorry for delay, my vdr does not have console, and my office does not
have TV -> testing is hard :-(

Yes, plugin works. Thanks! 

And now for rest of missing things:


A) For dxr3 plugin, it seems to be moving target. Stable is too old,
and development of 0.2.3 branch is active. Therefore I'm not providing
you any package (since I don't have experience on building them), but
I provide all the help I can. This is how you could build it:
   1) apt-get install stow
   2) Get http://www.tavastisolutions.com/~tavasti/em8300_debian_sarge.tgz
      (package contains needed includes & libs for dxr3 driver)
   3) run: 
      cd /usr/local/stow
      tar zxf /path/to/em8300_debian_sarge.tgz
      stow -v em8300-0.15.0-cvs20050326-patched-20050326' 
   4) apt-get install libavcodeccvs-dev libjpeg-mmx-dev
   5) Get vdr-dxr3 from http://cachalot.mine.nu/src/dxr3/
   6) Build dxr3 package. Here my changes to Makefile:
     VDRDIR = /usr/include/vdrdevel
     LIBDIR = /usr/lib/vdrdevel/plugins
     FFMDIR = /usr/include/ffmpeg
     EM8300 = /usr/local/include


B) Streamdev would be nice. Here is version which should work with 1.3.23:



Maybe with working streamdev and dxr3 I can get 'test vdr' running in
my office, and can test faster. Or I don't know if my primary vdr
(P350) is too slow for streamdev-server?

Thanks for great work!

M. Tavasti /  tavasti at tavastisolutions.com  /   +358-40-5078254

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