[vdr] MP3-plugin problems with slow cpu

Martin Cap macap20001 at compuserve.de
Tue Apr 19 16:58:01 CEST 2005

Markku Tavasti wrote:
> Anybody else similar experiences? 

With version 0.9.12 of the plugin I get the following (Intel Celeron 
433Mhz, output via OSS, black background) :
- Only stable when playing streams over network.
- Always crashes (well VDR takes 99% of CPU time) when playing songs 
from harddrive which are "new"
(ie. no id3-tag got scanned). The next time the song gets played it 
works, besides this :
- Frequent crashes when changing songs from harddrive (again, VDR takes 
99% of CPU time),

AFAIS, the plugin got some ugly race conditions concering threads.

Martin Cap

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