[vdr] DXR3 jams the whole system

Sami Hakkarainen sami.hakkarainen at gmail.com
Tue Apr 19 18:00:20 CEST 2005


for the past few months I've been trying to find a stable VDR+DXR3
setup. So far the most stable set of software has been the
vdr-dxr3-0-2 CVS-branch, big thanks to the developers for that.
However, there is still one major problem: every now and then, quite
randomly, the picture freezes and the whole system jams. SSH
connection doesn't work, but the puter seems to answer to ping. I'm
not alone with this problem, I know of atleast two other persons
having the same problem. Those people have quite different hardware,
so it's most likely not a hardware issue. VDR 1.3.12 and the pre1
DXR3-drivers don't seem to have this problem, but lots of other
issues. If you have any suggestions, need more details, anything, this
is a desperate man writing, please reply.

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