[vdr] vdr-xine-0.7.3 no OSD at all!

Laurence Abbott laz at club-burniston.co.uk
Wed Apr 20 17:48:12 CEST 2005


I've just got around to upgrading xine-lib so that I could try out
version 0.7.3 of the xine output plugin. So far, I have not managed to
get any sort of OSD with this new version.


I have also got an LCD module attached and that reacts almost instantly
to keypresses for the menu, etc. but I see no OSD on either my TV or
monitor. With version 0.7.2, the OSD appears after maybe 2-4 s after a
keypress (even thought the LCD module updates much quicker).

I have been messing about with various xine options trying to improve my
TV-out quality and I'm sure that the OSD was much more responsive when I
first tried 0.7.2!

Are there any major changes in drawing the OSD between the two versions
that I may be affecting? I've seen mentions that the new version if more
stable for some and that it is much more responsive to keypresses.

On another point, is it possible to get xine to reconnect to vdr if it
restarts? At the moment, I have a loop which runs xine continuously but
I have to poke 'q' to restart xine if vdr restarts!



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