[vdr] HDTV w/ FF card

Christian Schuld chris at sonnengesicht.de
Wed Apr 20 22:52:23 CEST 2005

Carsten Koch wrote:
> Klaus Schmidinger wrote:
> > Carsten Koch wrote:
> >> Matthias Schwarzott wrote:
> >>> Or another posibility to get HDTV. How about marking a channel not be
> >>> displayable with ff-card and then showing only a black screen if such
> >>> a channel is detected.
> >>
> >> I would like that much better than a crash.  :-)
> >>
> >> The current behaviour (HDTV channels get into channels.conf
> >> automatically,
> >> if you happen to zap to such a channel innocently, the driver crashes)
> >> is not very user-friendly.
> >
> > The main question is: how do you detect a "HDTV channel" just from the
> > SI data?
> I do not know.
> But the femon plugin is able to display the resolution of the current
> stream, so that information is obviously available to vdr.
> Would it not be possible to show a black screen and some OSD message
> whenever the resolution of the current stream is > 720x576?

The femon plugin gets this information directly from the video elementary 
stream. So the problem remains to get that high bandwidth stream from the 
FF-card. May be a solution would be to request a single PES paket with the 
PES_OTHER flag instead of PES_VIDEO so that it won't get routed through mpeg 
decoder. This would slow down the tuning process though.

> Carsten.


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