[vdr] vdradmin's autotimer creates false timers

Kartsa kari at kniivila.com
Thu Apr 21 16:46:56 CEST 2005

From: "Markku Tavasti" <tavasti at iki.fi>
> "Kartsa" <kari at kniivila.com> writes:
>> Since no one has replied to this it seems that I am the only one
>> with this problem??
> You are not alone. I have some auto-timers, and some of them record
> something else sometimes. Many of the false hits seem to happen
> nightime or other time when EPG says something like 'null'.

Jouni allready told me to try NO_EVENTID = 1 in vdradmind.conf.
I've set it and yet so far everything has been working as it should (for a 
few days).

> I was blaming bad EPG data which is broken if you look EPG full one
> week ahead like vdradmin is doing, but I don't really know. At least
> if vdradmin would create timers bit later result might be better?

I was also suspecting EPG data since in many occations there have been talk 
about finnins EPG being corrupted or badly set up.

> My failing autotimers are:
> Nelonen: Vaaleanpunainen pantteri
> Nelonen: Top 10          (Matches NRJ Top 10)
> Nelonen: Top 20          (Matches Euro Top 20)
> YLE TV2: TOP40

I've had problems in all channels (YLE1/2, MTV3/Nelonen/Subtv)

> Those programs on nelonen produce quite much false hists, TOP40
> sometimes. Other auto-timers (7) work like expected.

Maybe I am just a heavy user since I have 62 autotimers at present :) Few of 
those is actually not valid anymore but it leaves some 50+ autotimers.

- Kartsa 

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