[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] vdr-osdteletext-0.5

Marcel Wiesweg marcel.wiesweg at gmx.de
Thu Apr 21 20:29:24 CEST 2005


today I may announce version 0.5 of the osdteletext plugin.
Thanks to the extensive work of Udo Richter, this is a major step forward 
compared to the 0.4.2 release. 
The display code has been rewritten, teletext rendering adheres to the 
standard, support for different charsets has been integrated, drawing is much 
faster, message display more elegant.

The new release can be found at

The changelog:

From 0.5 to 0.5-pre1:

  Udo Richter:
- font subsystem now supports Teletext level 1.
  Fonts are provided for English, German, French,
  Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish and Finnish.
  The correct font is chosen automatically.
- support for "boxed mode" (newstickers, subtitles):
  in 4Bpp mode the area not covered by the box
  will be completely transparent
- OSD can now be aligned on screen:
  - in horizontal alignment mode, 0 means on the left, 
    50 in the center and 100 on the right
  - in vertical alignment mode, 0 means at the top,
    50 in the center and 100 at the bottom
  - default is central alignment
- changed palette system, no longer depending on 
  order of indexing
- fixed compilation failure with gcc 2.95
- changed OSD minimum size from 480x324 to 320x250
- some bugfixes and comments in txtrecv.c
  Marcel Wiesweg:
- avoid crash and improve behavior when an
  invalid channel number is entered

From 0.5-pre1 to 0.4.2:

  Udo Richter:
- extensive rewrite of display code
- removed display.*, txtbitmap.*, colormapping.h
- added txtrender.*, displaybase.*, display.*
- menu.c adapted to new display engine
- speed improvements by incremental drawing
- strict adherence to standard
- rewrite of scaling and drawing code, better scaling
  algorithm, removed inefficient double painting.
  Increases speed by a factor of 4.
  Rolf Ahrenberg:
- minor fixes for pagenumber, channel number and clock
  fields to minimize overdrawing
- fix for graphical errors if normal characters are 
  introduced after double high ones
- fix in receiving code to make osdteletext work
  with some Swedish channels (thanks to Magnus Andersson)
  Marcel Wiesweg:
- pseudo target in Makefile allows a simple "make".
  Previously, this would fail and you needed "make all"

Have fun

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