[vdr] vdr-xine-0.7.3 no OSD at all!

Darren Salt linux at youmustbejoking.demon.co.uk
Fri Apr 22 20:35:14 CEST 2005

I demand that Laurence Abbott may or may not have written...

> On Thu, 2005-04-21 at 21:54 +0100, Darren Salt wrote:
>> I demand that Laurence Abbott may or may not have written...
>> [snip]
>>> Darren: do your libxine1 packages include supoprt for Via Unichrome xxmc
>>> output? I _think_ this is in current xine-lib cvs. If it does, I can just
>>> grab your packages and, hopefully, things will 'just work'!

>> No. Download the source, install libxvmc-dev and/or libxvmcw-dev, rebuild
>> - the resulting libxine1 should have XxMC support.

>> (OTOH, you may want to wait: I'm preparing 1.0-1vdr9...)

> That's what I was hoping you'd say! I did toy with the idea of grabbing the
> relevant bits and building myself a deb but if you are going to do it!

You still need to do that. I plan to wait until xorg source appears in
testing (etch, not sarge), at which point, according to the sources file in
Henning Glawe's unichrome repository, I'll only need to add libxvmcw to my
repository - I'd rather not add both that and a patched xfree86...

Anyway, the main reason for -1vdr9 (which is now available) is here:

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