[vdr] 1.3.15: VDSB errors when recording

Harald Milz hm at seneca.muc.de
Fri Apr 22 22:33:23 CEST 2005

Carsten Koch <Carsten.Koch at icem.com> wrote:
> Harald Milz wrote:
> > the "-5" in remux.c. Now I am getting lots of buffer overrun errors
> > on the slow machine (VIA C3 533), resulting in broken MPEG streams. The
> > recordings are not very usable afterwards.

> Install kernel 2.6.11.

A stock kernel isn't really an option for a SUSE system (unfortunately).
Methinks the 9.3 kernel would work, right? 

Just "install kernel 2.6.11" sounds like a piece of advice for a newbie -
what exactly would this kernel's added value be?  

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