[vdr] Vdradmin autotimer suggestion

Kartsa kari at kniivila.com
Sat Apr 23 12:55:41 CEST 2005

From: "Matthias Schniedermeyer" <ms at citd.de>
> Kartsa wrote:
>> I don't know about other countries but in finland often programs have 
>> reruns within few days causing some autotimer to timer same event twise. 
>> This is quite usual especially with series.
>>  So I wonder if it would be a good idea or even feasible to have weekday 
>> selection in autotimer setup?
> "Advanced" timer programming is the domain of Master-Timer.
> http://mt.citd.de

I must have a look on this one. Thanks for the link.

> One of it's many feature is to restrict timers to specific weekdays.
> Or, if the EPG-Data is good(tm) (meanes: has a meaningful subtitle, i.o.w. 
> the title of the episode), Master-Timers "done"-feature removes any 
> (Master-Timer-)timers that entered the "done"-list which are still 
> programmed in VDR the next time master-timer is started.
> This makes sure that a specific episode is never recorded again(*). Great 
> to record whole series, without recording an episode twice(*2), or 
> recording the rerun if the first attempt failed. :-)
> I've recorded about 5 thousand(!) series and movies in 4 years. Workes 
> great as long as the EPG-(or secondary-source-)data is good. :-)
> (Btw. I'd say that i'm a "heavy user". Converted into autotimers i would 
> currently have about 450 autotimers).

Too bad that in Finlad the episode names are not in epg data. Most often 
even the information that it is a rerun is missing and actually epg data is 
identical with the original aired program making it impossible to know which 
is which. Normally they are aired on different weekdays but even that is not 
always the case, only the time is different. So you could say that epg data 
is poor.

> *: As long as the EPG-Data of immediate or later(i mean much later, like 
> month/years later when the whole series reruns) reruns match with the 
> already recorded one, if the EPG-data is garbage there is nothing 
> Master-Timer could do.

Does this mean that if the epg data is exactly the sama (as I mentionet) it 
would not be recorded again?

> *2: Personally i've only encountered a single series which has the same 
> episode-title for 2 different episodes, luckily i realised that in time to 
> remove the entry from the done-file.

I am afraid that we have such channels that uses the same epg data for all 
the episodes :(

- Kartsa 

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