[vdr] 1.3.15: VDSB errors when recording

Patrick Boettcher patrick.boettcher at desy.de
Sun Apr 24 22:03:05 CEST 2005

Hi Harald,

On Sun, 24 Apr 2005, Harald Milz wrote:
>> so you can either install newer DVB drivers or kernel 2.6.11,
>> which contains the fixed drivers.
> I suppose the 1.1.1 drivers are at least as recent as the ones in the
> 2.6.11 kernel?

No. 1.1.1 are for 2.6.4 (or 3) and won't work with higher kernels, you 
have to use dvb-kernel from CVS for >= 2.6.9 .

> Shame. I wanted to record Episode II tonight, and I'm still getting the
> VDSBs. :-( Good news is it is repeated tomorrow afternoon.

Sorry if I ask something already answered, but it was not obvious for me.

Do the VSDB errors happen with the skystar2 card? If so, it's is a known 
problem, but unfortunately not entirely solved yet.

The problem is, that suddenly no interrupts are created anymore. The only 
solution (but a very rude one) is to reset the flexcop-chip by reloading 
the drivers.

If the skystar is the problematic card, I suggest you to use dvb-kernel 
CVS. There is a new driver for the Technisat/B2C2 cards 
(b2c2-flexcop-pci). The VSDB-error still happens with that driver in some 
cases though, but maybe it helps in your case.

best regards

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