[vdr] Upgrading from DXR3 to FF, and not happy

Nicolas Huillard nhuillard at e-dition.fr
Mon Apr 25 11:12:51 CEST 2005

Markku Tavasti a écrit :
> My system is P350, 224M memory, vdr 1.3.23, 2.4 kernel, dvb-kernel
> drivers from CVS ~2 weeks ago (needed CVS version for Airstar2)
> I was expecting to get stable usable system by getting FF card, but no
> way. Any ideas what might the problem be:
> - Too slow CPU

The cost of a new mobo + modern CPU would be much less than your 
disappointment. I can tell that, but I also plan to revamp an old 
Celeron 466 + DXR3 into a brand new carputer... without any (much) 
add-on cost...

> - 2.4 kernel, everybody uses 2.6 ?

You have the typical VDR setup, particularly the one Klaus uses, so it 
should be safe.

> - Using DVB-S as output only is bad idea 
> - Bad HW (computer or DVB-FF)

Test your memory with memtest (or memtest86) and your CPU with cpuburn. 
Both will also stress the chipset. You will be confident after that (or 
you'll have replaced a few chips). This old computer could very well 
hurt you.
No systematic test for the DVD card, though.

> - Bad DVB driver version
> - Bad VDR version
> - Bad luck

Or bad compiler, bad package source, bad dependencies. Did you try 
precompiled packages only, or at the contrary only self-compiled 
plackages and plug-ins ?

> - Nothing broken, this is the way it is for everybody. I should use
>   more M$-products to get to used crashes


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