[vdr] Upgrading from DXR3 to FF, and not happy

Oliver Endriss o.endriss at gmx.de
Mon Apr 25 13:27:23 CEST 2005

Markku Tavasti wrote:
> I lost my temper with crashes with dxr3, and now I have DVB-S FF
> (Technotrend 1.3) to be used as output only. Here are pros and cons:
> + display is not getting messed with OSD/mp3 plugin
> + no more hard crashes where conputer needs reset. VDR watchdog takes
>   care
> - Jammed and killed by watchdog all the time. I had problems with
>   DXR3, but now usability is worse. After pressing back from viewing
>   recoderd program 50% it gets jammed and watchdog restart. There was
>   recording running at the same time, and also noad running (with nice). 
> - Picture, all colors are too bright. I need
>   to adjust brigtness, color and contrast (and still not happy). I
>   suppose this would need some module parameter, but did not had time
>   to study this far.
> - After boot vdr thinks volume is 0, and when I start adjusting
>   volume, for 0.5s it is FULL, then it gets to where it should
>   be. 
> My system is P350, 224M memory, vdr 1.3.23, 2.4 kernel, dvb-kernel
> drivers from CVS ~2 weeks ago (needed CVS version for Airstar2)
> I was expecting to get stable usable system by getting FF card, but no
> way. Any ideas what might the problem be:
> ...
> - Using DVB-S as output only is bad idea 

Very bad idea [tm] if you have a rev. 1.3 DVB-S card.
The ARM will crash very often without a sat signal.


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