[vdr] Help on some decisions...

Björn Fischer thebear80 at gmx.net
Mon Apr 25 13:40:28 CEST 2005

Hello everybody,
I am planning to build a vdr-pc within the next weeks and therefore
need help on some decisions...

As hardware I want to use the AOpen XC Cube AV EA65-II barebone
system. This is my first question: The barebone does have an
integrated IR-Control. Is it likely that lirc can handle this
integrated IR? I'm afraid I can not find any information on the
hardware AOpen used for the IR-Control. Maybe someone also uses this
barebone with vdr?

The TV-Card I will use in the first step is the Hauppauge WinTV Nexus-S.

So far the hardware. Now I need Software... I tought about using the
LinVDR distribution, but I also want to use the computer as a
file-server, and therefore I think that LinVDR is a bit too
restrictive, so I will use a "standard" distribution. This will then
probably be Gentoo. Any Problem with that?

Alright, if this System is up and running I will be very happy. But in
a second step I would like to put a second TV device in it to be able
to record several channels at the same time. Since the XC Cube has
only one PCI Slot and I have only one free satellite cable I am
thinking about a DVB-T USB Box. I have seen several on the Wiki that
work with Linux. But I was wondering if using a PCI DVB-S and a USB
DVB-T Adapter could cause Trouble. Any experience with that?

Are DVB-T USB Boxes also divided into full-featured and budget
adapters? If so will I probably need a full-featured one as second
device or is a budget card enough? And does it make a big difference
if the adapter supports usb 2.0?

Many Questions, I know. But maybe someone of you knows the answers :-)

If my system is then up and running I am thinking about posting an
article in the "Barebones and bundles" section on the Wiki. Would be
glad to do something for the community :-)))

Many thanks for some hints.


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