[vdr] DXR3 broken audio frames / subtitles get lost

Jukka Tastula jukka.tastula at kotinet.com
Tue Apr 26 14:21:26 CEST 2005

I keep getting these nasty _loud_ high pitch noises whenever broken data 
comes out of the dvb card. As it appears absolutely impossible to get so 
strong signal that there are never any errors in the stream I think it 
would be nice if the plugin could just ignore the broken audio frames 
instead of trying to decode them.

I get the feeling this is actually a "feature" in libavcodec as I get the 
exact same behaviour when playing recordings with mplayer using the ffmp2 
codec. With mp3lib, however, everything is fine. 

This is definitely the number one on my list of annoying features and I 
don't understand why no one has ever brought it up before. Maybe because 
no one ever thought it would even be possible to fix? Have I missed 
something? Is there a patch for ffmpeg/libavcodec I forgot to put in?

The other bug I feel is worth mentioning is that the dvb subtitles 
disappear after a while (20 minutes maybe) when playing a recording. What 
makes it interesting is that this never seems to happen when watching a 
live broadcast (or maybe it just takes over 2 hours or something).

This is really a minor annoyance, though. It doesn't happen all the time 
and when it does all it takes to fix it is to quit the recording and start 
it again. Two buttons to push. But still, bug is a bug.

Other than that the GetSTC patch really does its job beautifully. The 
subtitles are always perfectly in sync even after seeking and long pauses.
No more tweaking the timing manually and changing it all the time when 
playing a recording.

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