[vdr] vdr-1.3.23 + xine-0.7.3-network problems

Reinhard Nissl rnissl at gmx.de
Tue Apr 26 21:33:08 CEST 2005


Rantanen Teemu wrote:

> When I press e.g. ff-rewind, VDR starts to rewind, but the rewind
> picture updates do not happen as often as they should (perhaps 3 picture
> updates / second). And after few seconds the rewind freezes completely
> as if I had pressed pause.

There is a known issue that switching to tickmodes makes xine pause for 
quite a while (several frames).

> Pressing play at that point does not do anything at first, but after
> waiting for some time VDR wakes up again and continues normal playback.
>>Please include the output of VDR and xine --verbose=2 when you select 
> I forgot to pipe VDR output to file, but for xine output see here:
> http://tvr.dy.fi/xine.log

Strange is, that you have that large numbers in CLEAR(...). I'd say, 
vdr-xine and input_vdr.[ch] do not match. The number in brackets is a 
sequence number, and typically it matches the number which vdr-xine 
outputs. I've used it to debug some deadlock situations before I've 
released 0.7.3.

> I started vdr, then started xine, went directly to a recording, started
> ff-rewind, waited few seconds until it got stuck, waited for some time
> (this time vdr didn't wake up, I may have pressed play couple more
> times), pressed finally q in xine to quit.

Whenever there is a clock error, you're lost. You'll have to wait until 
  cur_vpts reaches next_vpts before playback continues.

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