[vdr] hard lifetime feature

Husterer, Thomas RD-CP1 Thomas.Husterer at heidelberg.com
Wed Apr 27 18:09:03 CEST 2005


I use vdr to view the ´tagesschau´ some time delayed every day.
This leads to a collection of many recordings of this program
but I am only interested in viewing the last one.
Therefore I wished that old recordings disappear after some 
days to retain my overview and to increase my operating comfort.
I thought that the parameter ´lifetime´ would be a solution for
this problem, but this parameter is only a very soft hint to the
vdr to kill some programs if it needs the disk space.
To fullfill my requirements I modified vdr in that way that it
kills programs after expiry of the given lifetime without
any ifs and buts.
The only condition is that the given lifetime lies below some
limit (like 10 days). 
I added a new setup parameter ´hard-lifetime-limit´ which lets 
you control this limit.
By default this parameter is zero and the vdr behaves like
If you increase this value then any lifeteme which lies below
this limit is treated as a hard lifetime limit and programs are
killed in the described manner.

Is anybody interested in this patch?

Regards, thus

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