[vdr] FATAL: Module dvb not found.

Nicolas Huillard nhuillard at e-dition.fr
Thu Apr 28 19:37:39 CEST 2005


I was wondering why my runvdr program does not reload the DVB kernel 
modules (Skystar2), and found that I lacked a /etc/modutils/dvb 
describing what modules the "dvb" alias represents (Debian).

I created the following one from a dvb-ttpci one :

root at vdr:/etc# cat /etc/modutils/dvb
probeall /dev/dvb skystar2
alias char-major-250 dvb
alias dvb skystar2
below skystar2 alps_bsrv2 alps_tdmb7 alps_tdlb7
add below skystar2 grundig_29504-401 grundig_29504-491
add below skystar2 stv0299 ves1820

But I still can't load the modules :

root at vdr:/etc# modprobe dvb
FATAL: Module dvb not found.

Questions :
* is the syntax of the /etc/modutils/dvb correct ?
* what must I do after modifying the file (I did update-modules.modutils 
and update-modules, even depmod)

I usually run the following and they're in memory, but runvdr doesn't 
reload them like this : modprobe skystar2; modprobe stv0299


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