[vdr] [PATCH] dxr3plugin fix to prevent segv for some corrupt streams

Jon Burgess jburgess at uklinux.net
Sat Apr 30 01:53:17 CEST 2005

I tracked down a small problem in the dxr3pesframes code which was 
causing a segv to occur while trying to play some corrupted streams.

dxr3pesframe.c contains the following loop which is used to find the 
start of the first pes header:

   for (; pos + 9 < length && !IsPesHeader(pesArray.SubArray(pos, 4)); 

With corrupted streams loop may reach the end of the buffer without 
finding a valid header and the subsequent code tries to decode the bogus 
header data often causing a segv. The patch detects this condition and 
causes the bad data to be dropped.

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