[vdr] [PATCH] dxr3plugin fix for AMD64 cpuid segv

Jan Wagner wagner at netsols.de
Sat Apr 30 14:14:40 CEST 2005

> (On the other hand, as far as I'm concerned, the whole optimized memcpy
> and related stuff is on its way out: it is being used in only one place
> in the whole plugin and I'm told that the performance of memcpy doesn't
> really matter even there.  If someone has something against it being
> removed, now would be a good time to yell... :)

Interesting that you mention that now. Over the last days I have
experimented with dxr3 on my via eden board with a c3 processor.
memcpy_mmx makes the plugin segfault any time you start it with "unknown
machine code". This is caused by the assembler code in dxr3memcpy.c in
function mmx_memcpy. I removed the function from
cDxr3MemCpyBench::cDxr3MemCpyBench and it worked. Strange thing is, that
I remember it working before ...


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