[vdr] vdr-xine : extenal commands not allowed!

Paul Guermonprez paul.ml at integragen.com
Mon Aug 1 13:51:09 CEST 2005


- the idea :
i try to control a dvb-t card with vdr from another computer.
server : desktop with a hauppauge dvb-t card (software decoding)
client : laptop with 100 mbit card.
both suse 9.3, kernel, dvb driver included,
firewall disabled during tests.

- driver test :
the card is working fine if i launch kaffeine (xine frontend)
with direct access to the dvb card driver, without using vdr.

- vdr setup :
there's no hard decoder on the card, so i've setup vdr to use
xine plugin with "-r" option to allow remote control.
i don't know if this remote control is related to "svdrphosts.conf",
but i have and UNcommented in this file ...

- running :
once vdr is launched (runvdr or rcvdr) with xine plugin,
i try to connect from the same computer with :

	1. "kvdr -x" : nothing happens.

	2. "xineplayer myservername"
	xineplayer included with vdr-plugins.
	vdr-xine log says :
	external connecting
	external connected
	external commands not allowed!

what have i done wrong ? any ideas ?
most info i can find is in german,
and i don't speak german at all.
i've been trying for a long time now and i'm lost.

thanks for your help, paul.

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