[vdr] [ANNOUNCE] vdr-iaxphone-0.0.2 - a softphone for vdr

Luca Olivetti luca at ventoso.org
Tue Aug 2 17:31:02 CEST 2005

En/na Erik Beauvalot ha escrit:
> Hi,
> First of all : Thank you for your job it is exactly what I needed (I
> install an asterisk PBX 2 days before you sendout the first version of
> your plugins)
> I just wanted to report some issue that I have :
> - With this version (0.0.2) I have vdr restarting when I lunch the
> OSD, after a small debug I found out where there is a problem, but I
> don't understand why there is a problem ...
> It is in iaxphone.c line 562. If I comment this line it works. I look
> on the version 0.0.1 to see if there is any difference ... didn't find
> anything. So I don't have the volume ligne display.

Yes, there are some differences (mainly, the volume bar is selectable
while it wasn't in the previous version), but it works here :-(
I tested it with both the levels shown/hidden and with various skins
(classic, sttng and text2skin).
OTOH I had another unexplainable crash (every time I closed the osd)
when I tested the plugin with vdr-1.3.23, but it works fine with 
vdr-1.3.27. Maybe I'm just doing weird things :-/
Another (possible) thing is problems with locking: I'm using vdr with
LD_ASSUME_KERNEL=2.4, didn't try with nptl, don't know if it makes a
difference or not (I'm using a cMutex to interlock the main thread with
the iaxc callback).

> - With the 2 version, I steel have registration failed : but I can
> phone my vdrbox and phone from my vdrbox. I try plaintext and the md5
> in the asterisk/iax.conf file, but it doesn't change anything.

Direct calls between iaxphones don't need a successful registration.
Anyway, I just call iaxc_register and in the callback I see if it is 
registered or not, I don't know what happens "behind the courtain", so 
to speak.
I'm using the phone with voipbuster.com and can register successfully.


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