[vdr] Re: Release: dvb-ttpci-01.fw-261f

Stefan Huelswitt s.huelswitt at gmx.de
Thu Aug 4 17:25:26 CEST 2005

On 04 Aug 2005 "Dr. Werner Fink" <werner at suse.de> wrote:
> On Sat, Jul 30, 2005 at 09:41:34AM +0000, Stefan Huelswitt wrote:
>> But I have still problems on DVD replay. There audio dropouts
>> every seconds. This seems to be the same with all 261e and 261f.
>> >> 0x261d was the last really nicely working firmware for me...
>> > 
>> > For me too - with 0x261f I also get "unknown picture errors" when a recording 
>> > is starting: I did not see these errors with 0x261d and latest cvs dvb driver
>> 261d is the best release for me too.
> Hmmm ... Question: Do you use PCM/Stereo with the DVD plugin or does
> this happen with AC3/DTS?

This is with AC3.

> And what does happen if you are replaying a striped down VOB from a DVD?
> You can do this with the help of e.g. vob2vdr ffrom the tools directory
> of the bitstreamout plugin, renaming the result to 001.vdr and running
> genindex on this.

I'll try and report later.


Stefan Huelswitt
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