[vdr] Problem: Conax not available after VDR startup

Rantanen Teemu teemu.rantanen at tekla.com
Sun Aug 7 15:52:10 CEST 2005

I have a problem with my VDR setup. VDR does not see my Conax cam after
a (VDR) restart. It is not possible to watch encrypted channels after
the restart (channel not available), and VDR does not continue timer on
an encrypted channel.

VDR does detect Conax after some time, and then the timer continues to
record and it is possible to switch to an encrypted channel on a live
view, but the time before this happens can be annoyingly long. It is
possible to make VDR detect Conax (almost) immediately if I initiate an
EPG scan after the startup.

I'd like to know if this happens to someone else too, and is there a
workaround (or fix) to make VDR probe CI/cams immediately at startup.

My Technotrend DVB-C is not a primary card (as I use xine -device),
could this have something to do with the problem?


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