[vdr] VDR developer version 1.3.28

Klaus Schmidinger Klaus.Schmidinger at cadsoft.de
Sun Aug 7 17:07:54 CEST 2005

VDR developer version 1.3.28 is now available at


A 'diff' against the previous version is available at


The changes since version 1.3.27:

- Added a sleep in cDvbPlayer::Action() in case there is no data to send to the
   device, which avoids a busy loop on very fast machines (thanks to Martin Wache).
- Modified the description of cDevice::Poll() to avoid misunderstandings.
- Updated Croatian language texts (thanks to Drazen Dupor).
- cDvbPlayer::Goto() now appends a Sequence End Code to get the image shown
   immediately with softdevices (thanks to Reinhard Nissl).
- Reactivated cVideoRepacker in remux.c after some fixes (thanks to Reinhard Nissl).
- Removed the fix for handling VPS timers, so that they only record if the event
   they are assigned to actually has the given VPS time. This has caused repeating
   VPS timers to stop recording prematurely.
- Avoiding duplicate components in EPG events when reading epg.data or in the
   PUTE SVDRP command (thanks to Olaf Titz for reporting this one).
- Added the command line options '--lirc', '--rcu' and '--no-kbd' to allow setting
   the remote control at runtime (based on a patch by Darren Salt).
- Now checking whether timers or channels are currently being edited via the menu
   before making changes through SVDRP (thanks to Andreas Brugger for reporting a
   problem with this).
- Files and directories are now created with rights according to the shell's
   umask settings (thanks to Andreas Brachold).
- Fixed the cChannel copy constructor (thanks to Marcel Wiesweg for pointing out
   a problem with it).
- Fixed an out-of-bounds memory access with audio language ids (thanks to
   Matthias Lenk for reporting, and Udo Richter for suggesting a fix).
- Updated the Finnish OSD texts (thanks to Rolf Ahrenberg).
- Added missing storing of the MenuScrollPage parameter (thanks to Frank Krömmelbein).
- Added cRemux::SetTimeouts() for better use of cRemux in a single thread (thanks
   to Udo Richter for reporting a problem with this).
- Modified cEITScanner::Process() so that it uses the primary device if it is
   replaying and is the only device that provides the given transponder, and that
   a forced EPG scan works even if EPG scan timeout is set to 0 (thanks to
   Bernhard Stegmaier for reporting a problem with this).
- Fixed cDvbSpuBitmap::putPixel() (thanks to Reinhard Nissl).
- Fixed setting system time to avoid time jumps in case of faulty data (thanks
   to Andreas Böttger).
- Fixed a memory leak in the SVDRP command LSTE (thanks to Stefan Huelswitt).

The DVB driver I am currently using can be found at


which is the CVS 'HEAD' version from 2004-12-26, made available as a complete
archive for your convenience.

Of course, you can also use any newer driver version.

Have fun!


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